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brother, the 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, had posted on his youtube account. we're going to show you that in just a few moments. stand by for that. first, i want to update all of our viewers on the surviving suspect, the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's still hospitalized in what doctors describe as serious but stable condition. federal officials say he has injuries to his throat. he's unable to speak. he could be charged, though, by federal prosecutors as early as today. right at his hospital bedside. you just heard that from the attorney general of massachusetts, martha coakley, in our interview here in boston. for more, though, on what's going on, let's bring in our crime and justice correspondent joe johns. he's working his sources over at the justice department. the fbi, elsewhere, what are officials telling you, joe, about this proceeding? truly extraordinary proceeding that could happen at the hospital at the suspect's bedside? >> well, wolf, our sources have told us it's possible we could see charges against this suspect today, but there's no guarantee, an
travel abroad. >> the older brother, tamerlan was in russia in 2012. >> yes. >> six months. relatively recently. who did he meet with, what did he learn. what happened when they came back here. the investigation will take place here, was there anyone else here or any other aspects of the case that will help figure out the whys and hows that are important to us and of course abroad. there's a huge focus on both those parts, and it actually began wednesday when they were able to identify who the brothers were. >> it is impossible to think the older brother spent six months in russia and that had nothing to do with this. >> right. right now if you're looking at it from the facts that are known right now, maybe those six months did radicalize him and he learned techniques to come here. but i have been through enough cases, know enough about these cases that i am cautious about sort of looking at what we know now, saying that was the moment. we learned so much about other terrorists or sociopaths weeks or months later. we spoke about columbine, everything we thought about the columbine kill
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2